Happy Days

Montmorency Secondary College Production/Happy Days
On the first day of August, it was wet and muddy and seemed like it was going to be a long day. Well, the production did go for a long time but I liked that they made it a musical. It was funny and it was nice and warm inside the auditorium.

The Production had a lot of ups but a few downs. I am going to start off with the fact that they really set out the scene really well. The acting was really well done and they played out their parts as if they were actually that person.

The singing was really good but there were a few parts where they could not hit the right notes. There were problems with the audio because sometimes I could not hear the characters and sometimes the speakers crackled and made my ears pop.

The production had quite a good plot and the actors really set out the theme from their costumes that they were in 1950s. They set out the backround really fast and also gave us a little music while we were waiting. I found that part good instead of us waiting and hearing people lift the props and the sound of people’s footsteps across the stage.

The auditorium seemed to be a bit stuffy but I still enjoyed the production. (At least the production wasn’t outdoors.)The costumes were very well made and really had the style of the 1950s. I had no problem with the costumes of each character. Each costume matched each role in the production.

I liked the production but I think that they need to improve some aspects of the production to make it better.

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