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I had black pepper beef with kale and rice. The rice was a bit uncooked to my liking. I like rice when it is soft and fluffy. The kale was well cooked and the beef was succulent and was dribbled in some kind of sauce I could not identify. The beef was season really well with pepper to give you a bit of smokiness. The rice felt like it was kind of soft but a few grains were just slipping off my teeth. I was eating with my family. My brother, my sister and my mom and dad. The beef was also moist and was very easy to chew through. It was also served with carrots and another unidentifiable vegetable.
Rating: 7/10


This dessert was very rich in taste. It smelt sweet and looked amazing. The sponge cake resembled a cherry tree and the chocolate was so rich and delicious i just wanted more. And there was even a surprise in the chocolate. There was something like cherry jam inside that gave it an explosion of sweetness and also sourness as you bit through the jam and the dark chocolate mousse. The combination of each element gave the meal a warm feeling like a summer day. The texture of the dish was just soft and like biting into a raspberry. It was a great dish that was even one of the dishes that has made it all the way to the masterchef kitchen.
I rate this dish a 9/10

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