Council Letter

4th of August 2016

Dear Mr Garotti,

My name is Andrew, I am 11 years old and I live in Greensborough.
I am writing to you because of the matter that neighbours and workers are dumping their rubbish around my bins and on my property at the front of my house. My mom and dad have to pick up the rubbish they just throw on the floor.

I am concerned about this matter because the rubbish can easily just blow away and get into the Plenty river or where animals live. That means that animal life can easily die from the simple laziness of a person not putting his rubbish in their rubbish bin. An animal such as a kangaroo can mistake a plastic wrapper as food and eat it. That means that the kangaroo would die from a single plastic wrapper. So, a native animal of Australia can die from a single wrapper that someone has left astray.

I would like you to try and put up signs up at rivers and places where there are a lot of people dumping their rubbish at so it can encourage people to put their rubbish in their bins and close the lids so that it reduces the amount of animal life that will be killed from litter. Also, I would like the structural shape of a rubbish bin to change so that it is less likely for the bins to get knocked over by the wind and making rubbish fly everywhere.

I hope you consider my request on the littering problem.

From, Andrew

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