Max slowly crept through the tall dark corn fields. An eerie glow coming from the middle of the corn field had drawn Max there. As max crept through the cornfields in starry night, he heard very strange noises coming from the corn stalks around him. The stalks began to rustle and Max new that it was not an animal. It was way too big to be an animal.

Max ran as fast as he could to outrun the beast coming after him. Max could hear the alien gaining on him. Max stopped as he broke through the fields into a burnt square. Huge marking that looked like they were not from this world. As max looked around the was a crater in the middle of the field. Max slowly backed away from the bushes as a claw came into the view. The creature had found him.

The creature stepped into view and made noises that sounded like a futuristic computer. The creature was horrifying. It had no eyes and blended in with the night sky. The mouth resembled one of a spider. Froth sprayed out of the mouth showing sickening green foam. It’s legs were like one from a horror movie. It’s skin was completely smooth yet the legs were like sticks with two talons on each leg. The arms were also smooth and were skinny with two talons on each arm. It had two arms and legs and had a chest with skin tightly pulling over a humanoid rib cage.

As the creature lunged at Max he screamed waiting for the collision. But, when the creature was in mid air a beam of light shined down on the creature alone. The creature was frozen and was slowly lifting. Max looked up to see a metallic disc shaped ship like the ones you see in Hollywood movies. As the creature was collected into the ship, the UFO took off leaving behind a glowing streak in the sky. But then I realised one thing. I heard more than one creature in the corn fields.

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