img_1591On Thursday the 27th of October we went to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. (VSSEC) The day was split up into three parts. The first part that I did was pretend to be on mars, the second was being mission control and the third was about science behind static electricity and making electric curcuits.

While being astronauts on mars, we had to wear cool blue space suits. Although the suits were really big so we had to roll the sleeves up. There was a great mini introduction movie about going to mars and told us quite a bit of information. Afyer that we went into a mars science lab where you had to do some experiments. Though the room smelt awefuk because of the cabbage experiment. And, with my luck I got the cabbage experiment. We had to see what the acidity of cabbage was.

The second part was being in mission control. You had to fix problems about different things. Each group of two got a topic to maintain and talked to the scientists in the mars lab in the first part. But, there was an unknown virus that occurred and so they had to evacuate. I know for a fact that it was just an act because it was lunch time.

The last part was about the science of static electricity and making electrical curcuits to make a dancing robot. We had a lot of fun with a wand making foil repel from a wand into the air from magnetic fields repeling each other. I partnered with Dylan to make a dancing robot. It was extremely easy to do the sinple curcuitry of the dancing robot. I alteady knew how to do it so it was really just a piece of cake.


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