LEADERSHIP SPEECH  You should choose me to be JSC Captain because I will take the responsiblity with pride and will lead the school with respect to others. Quite a few of the people in this class hav... Read More

On Thursday the 27th of October we went to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. (VSSEC) The day was split up into three parts. The first part that I did was pretend to be on mars, the second... Read More

ALIENS ON EARTH Max slowly crept through the tall dark corn fields. An eerie glow coming from the middle of the corn field had drawn Max there. As max crept through the cornfields in starry night, he ... Read More


I support the paralympians because of how much they have achieved. The paralympics are amazing to watch because of they are able to compete really well yet, they have a disadvantage. I support all the... Read More

Masterchef review

Food review Main I had black pepper beef with kale and rice. The rice was a bit uncooked to my liking. I like rice when it is soft and fluffy. The kale was well cooked and the beef was succulent and w... Read More

Happy Days

Montmorency Secondary College Production/Happy Days On the first day of August, it was wet and muddy and seemed like it was going to be a long day. Well, the production did go for a long time but I li... Read More