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imageI will be sharing with you one of the weirdest animals on earth. The top weirdest creature is called a blobfish. It lives around the waters of New Zealand and looks like a blob because of the pressure decreasing as the blob fish swims higher from the bottom of the ocean. If the blob fish is near the surface of the water for too long, it will die because the blob fish has adapted to living extremely deep down in the water. when it is at deep sea pressure, it just looks like an ordinary fish.


TOP 10 best superheroes from DC Comics


Superman seems to be over powered in the DC universe. There are some things that superman can be defeated by and that is only things like kryptonite and doomsday can defeat him.


Although he is just a human, he is still an extremely skilled person who is a detective and fights crime as a vigilante of justice. He has an incredible amount of kryptonite and so that gives him a chance to defeat superman.

The Flash

The flash has the power to travel faster than light and can even phase through objects. That means that the flash can phase right through punches and even twirl his arms around so he makes mini tornadoes.

Green lantern

green lantern has the power to create any construct he can think of. A green lantern ring gives him the power to do that but the ring has a limited amount of battery and so must be recharged by a lanern. Although green lantern must concentrate to make the constructs.


Shazam is a superhero that was taken by DC Comics from MARVEL. Shazam gets his powers from the gods and is gifted with the ability to control lightning. Shazam is actually a young kid who lives in a foster home.


Aquaman is basically the god Poseidon. He lives in the sea and rules it as his domain. He can control all the sea creatures to do his will and so can use giant sea monsters as soldiers in a fight.


Cyborg is well, a cyborg. he got his powers after a moher box exploded, which is extremely complicated and most advanced technological device in the entire universe. His dad who worked at STAR labs used advanced technology and then the mother box pulled in the technology and made him half a machine.